Diamond Quay

Becci Gibbons brings to you 12 years experience to offer the Industry all areas of PMU Training


  • Complete Beginners, Fully Accredited Fundamentals
  • Advanced Masterclasses for Continued Education
  • Bespoke 1:1 Days tailored to the individual artist
  • Group Masterclasses at different destinations around the UK
  • POD EVENTS for the Hampshire area, in Association with The PMU Circle
  • Online Webinars for at-home learning

Whichever the option, the support post Training will remain in place for the rest of your career, with access to a student only support group and first refusal to training workshops.

For any further information please contact me direct.

Recent Reviews for Diamond Quay

Rated 5 out of 5
February 24, 2023

I found Becci originally on ClubHouse during lockdown, then having looked at her Instagram, discovered she offers training! I initially trained in PMU with 2 other companies, but still felt left out on a limb as I work solo. She was so easy to chat to, really approachable and I felt I could ask her anything with no judgement on my current level of skill at that time!

Having chatted with Becci I decided to book a 1-2-1 two day master class to help elevate my skill in brows/lips/eyeliner. She assured me she would ‘change my world’ after I expressed some of my challenges I was having with PMU. And boy did she just!! I’m now producing work I’m actually really proud of, and come away with a much better understanding of pigments, modifying pigments, different machines and needles and all sorts of other products for PMU I couldn’t live without now!

The main thing that has impressed me the most, is the level of support post training. She’s always on the end of the phone and replies super quick.

She has boosted my confidence 10 fold! I’ve recently attended FREE training days, where else would you get that?! Becci’s passion to keep us all doing the best we can and upto date post training is so inspiring!!

And lastly, I’ve met some wonderful artists through training with Becci, a real lovely group of women who all help each other out and boost each other on a daily basis!

Best training to date!!

Thank you Becci 🙏🏼🤍

Rosie Martin
Rated 5 out of 5
February 23, 2023

When I started my career before attending Diamond Quay, I had no confidence as an artist and refused to post pictures of my own work on socials etc! I had little support from the place I originally trained and lone working gave me such imposter syndrome.

I initially met Becci on a course I was attending which was hosted at her clinic, however she wasn’t teaching the course. Just letting us use the venue.

From the brief conversations that I did have with Becci, I could tell she was so passionate and knowledgable and that she genuinely seemed like she wanted to help develop my confidence as a PMU Artist! So I booked onto her beginners course for full face PMU.

The pre study material provided was so thorough and in-depth. She corrected all the bad mistakes I had picked up along the way and sat and gave me feedback specifically tailored to me; pressure, hand speed, which cam is best).

The support provided after training is essentially 24/7. Nothing is too much of an ask and she’s always so patient and non-judgemental.

I have since been on multiple masterclasses with Becci and can say she has literally changed my little world for the better!

Not only do I aspire to be like her on a business level, but also on a personal level as she really is a rare gem in this world! Eternally grateful. Xox

Abi Harrison

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