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Holding a multitude of PMU certifications, Dina Marie is a highly qualified permanent makeup artist with notable achievements. She has been a panelist on Med- Spa Mastery and currently holds an ambassadorship with Goldeneye. Dina takes pride in restoring confidence for her clients through restorative, cosmetic enhancements for all ages, skin types and genders.

Bella Faccia Permanent Makeup FAQs

No! In fact, many of my clients including eyeliner, fall asleep. We’re simply scratching the surface & we use topical anesthetics.
That looks different for everyone based on internal and external factors but the average is 1.5-2 years before needing maintenance.
NO!!! PMU pigments have come a long way in the past few years. They are stable and do not “change” rather slowly fade down.
I will educate you and provide you examples of what’s best suited for your skin type and why based off of your style preference and your existing brow hair. We cover this in the begging of the appointment while you’re numbing.
NO! As mentioned above, I take all things into consideration to provide you with soft, natural looking results!

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