Facial Microneedling Online Training by Alice Kingdom


Microneedling is a procedure that uses micro trauma to improve a range of skin issues from fine lines, to pigmentation
This online course will teach you both digital and roller methods, and is fully accredited and insurable


What do you get?…


  • DEMONSTRATION VIDEOS: Step by step demonstration.
  • DIGITAL & ROLLER METHODS: Learn how to use both digital and roller methods
  • DOWNLOADABLE FORMS: Specialist consultation, treatment manual and aftercare forms
  • ONGOING SUPPORT: Support and advice that lasts after you complete your course
  • AUDIO & VIDEO LESSONS: All the information you need to improve your knowledge
  • FACIAL TREATMENTS: Treat stretch marks, scarring, pigmentation on all areas of the body
  • SERUMS: Recommendations on how to use serums and masks alongside your treatments
  • KIT & EQUIPMENT: Kit and equipment advice, with equipment starting from under £100
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