The Perfect Lip Webinar by Elaine Campin


Creating beautiful soft natural results from a borderless blush to a subtle but defined Ombre bespoke to your client every time…

This course gives Elaine’s thoughts and insights into creating The Perfect Lip™️ bespoke to your client. IF YOU DON’T LOVE LIPS ALREADY YOU WILL AFTER THIS COURSE!


Course Includes:

  • Consultation, giving you the skills to assess your clients needs and determine which lip treatment is best for them
  • 2 full procedures, different looks including predraw, step by step, creating a beautiful natural contoured ombré and soft edgeless watercolour blush
  • Minimal trauma, super quick technique and beautiful natural results
  • Needle choice and Layering techniques,
  • Understanding your pigments and their undertones to make the right colour choices
  • Elaine’s go to favourite lip pigments and mixes
  • Stretches
  • Working over Fordyce spots
  • Pre-Advice and Aftercare
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