Are you feeling overwhelmed with an abundance of tips and strategies flooding your way?🙋‍♀️ 

Wanting to transition from Clients to Students but you have no idea where to start?🙋‍♀️ 

Feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of social media tips and marketing hacks? 🙋‍♀️ 

Do the terms ‘sales funnel’ or ‘marketing strategy’ make your head spin? 🙋‍♀️ 

As your mentor, I’ll bring order to the chaos. We’ll clarify your goals and break them down into achievable steps. No more guessing games; you’ll have a clear path to success. I love helping you clarify your vision and breaking it down into delightful little steps that make success feel so much more achievable and easy.

Overwhelmed by social media? I’ll show you how to grow an engaged audience and craft captivating content that resonates. From strategising posts to mastering ads, I’m here to make your marketing tasks simple and easy!
Struggling to attract more clients? Together, we’ll implement proven methods like referral schemes, collaborations, and potent marketing funnels.
Sales doesn’t need to be scary. We’ll develop a process that makes selling feel natural and easy for YOU. 
Confused with where to start with teaching?? I can help you transition from clients to students with my own proven £250k academy success strategies.

Every woman I work with becomes a part of a success story. From small victories to exciting milestones, I celebrate the achievements of my clients. I have helped hundreds of women with their Sales & Marketing, take a look at some of the results below.

  • Imagine launching your own online course and getting an £18,000 launch
  • Imagine having efficient systems in place that simplify your work and free up your time
  • Imagine celebrating taking £3,000 in deposits at a single opening event 
  • Imagine experiencing the thrill of a £5,000 from a new laser treatment launch 
  • Imagine feeling the pride of signing up your first beginner student after just 2 days of working with me
  • Imagine securing over £27,000 business secured after our first session

These were once my clients dreams that when working together, we made them a reality. 
Then …. there are the quieter moments of success, like when you save over 10 hours a week thanks to strategic social media planning, or when you finally understand how to talk to your ideal client, their pain points, their desires and suddenly, you’re not just posting on social media; you’re having conversations. You’re building relationships.

Keep in mind that success is personal. It could mean financial growth, more freedom, or an increased online presence. Whatever it looks like for you, we’ll define it, aim for it, and together, achieve it 💫💫💫


What sets me apart from other ‘gurus’? 🔮👉 I’ve lived your journey, I’ve been a Microblading Artist, PMU Artist and Academy Creator, now turned Mentor.👉 I’ve been where you are, built a successful PMU business, and now I use my experience to help others succeed.👉 I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you navigate the path to their dreams.👉 Success looks different for everyone. Maybe it’s mastering social media, increasing income, or achieving the work-life balance you’ve always dreamed of. 👉 Whatever success means to you, I’m here to help you reach it.

How can we work together – 

  • Online self study courses
  • Mastering the Masterclass – for those who are not quite ready to jump into teaching qualifications or accreditation but would love to get a taste for what its like teaching others their techniques.
  • Academy Builder Program – for those that wish to set up a private, independent training academy with the proven success strategies that I implemented.
  • Success on Socials – for those who wish to never have to think about what to post on social media ever again!! This is a fantastic platform that can save you hours per week and where you can learn how to make your social media a success. 
  • Get Consistent Clients – this is for those that are really ready to take action and get consistent with their marketing and sales to ultimately get consistent clients with ease. 
  • 1-1

I remember being in the position where I knew I needed to the help and support but my mindset wasn’t ready to invest with my lack of money mindset, so I have carefully created my offers so that there is something affordable for everyone. The higher the investment, the more high level touch points you get with me. The lower the investment tends to be for those that can happily stay motivated, accountable and take action by watching, learning and implementing without the direct support. 

Not sure what help you need right now?? 🤪

Book a FREE 15 min Clarity Call via the link below –

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